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Nature Parks

Respect and preservation

Respecting and preserving the natural beauty of Val di Fassa is a duty for all of us, residents and guests.

For this reason many nature oasis were created in order to help the visitor discover the valley and enjoy it in a correct way.

The Parco Naturale di Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino i salso called “The Forest of Violins” a wood of spruce, very light and elastic, famous for their quality sound. In the hands of meisters these trees have become the “voice” of musical instruments unique to the world. The Marciò trail provides a spectacular view of the Tibetan bridge. This mountain area is populated by animals like deer, marmot, the very rare capercaillie and any others. Guided tours to the park and museum are available.

Val di Fassa

“Val de Fascia” in Ladin: a jewel between sky and earth

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Pearl of the Dolomites

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Nature Park

Respect and preservation

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Ladin Culture

Ladin people: ancient origins

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