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Park Hotel Leonardo | Moena, Pearl of the Dolomites

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Your "house" in the Dolomites


Pearl of the Dolomites

Moena’s history is fascinating: from its origins as stopping point for hunters and sheperds travelling the valleys of Adige and Isarco rivers, to the colonization by the   Raeti, tribes inhabiting the Dolomites valleys of Gardena, Badia, Livinallongo, the Swiss Canton of Grisons and some areas in Friuli.

Ladin, the language spoken by people in Fassa and Moena, derived from the ancient Raetic language with Latin and German influences.

Moena was part of the history of the County of Tyrol, and was involved, together with all the other villages in Fassa and Fiemme in the uprising against Napoleon led by Andreas Hofer, Tyrolean patriot and hero.

After Napoleon’s defeat, The Congress of Vienna decided to return Tyrol to Austria and it was integrated in the Hapsburg Empire, until the end of the First World War when part of Tyrol, south of the Brenner pass, was ceded to the Kingdom of Italy.

Val di Fassa

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Nature Park

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Ladin Culture

Ladin people: ancient origins

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